Cracker storm

We had a severe lightning storm in Hobart this evening accompanied with torrential rain. One of the most intense storms I’ve ever seen here. Looking on the weather radar, the weather front streched some 1300 km to Broken Hill and Melbourne copped the brunt of it.

I set the Olympus up in LiveView mode, with exposures up to 1000 seconds. Now, you would think that would yeild lots of lightning, but of course it only flashed while I was wiping the lens or between shots 🤔 I finally managed to catch one in a second wave some time later. A large bolt hit the high voltage transmission tower on the hill … and that’s when we lost power 😔

All’s good, typing this on my phone under head torch light 😀 I don’t usually post on my phone, so lets see how this goes 😅

Enjoy your day.

15 thoughts on “Cracker storm

    1. Ooowh, that sounds nice .. and cold! Still, shovelling gets you warm 🙂 Our power was off until 2pm the next day. There was a problem with the line into our valley, only 11 houses were affected so we’re always the last to get fixed.

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      1. I guess all the extra water evaporating in the hot areas has to fall somewhere! A small part of this system produce big toe sized hail, damaging many crops in the Huon area south of me.

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    1. Thanks David 😀 The powerlines traverse across over our deep valley, then over a ridge where the tower is, below the top of the hill. There’s also a communication tower on top of the hill which also got hit by a smaller strike.

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