(3 images – At night!) – Before I was a teenager, I would pour over old maps, intrigued by the names, I would picture the places in my head and wonder if I would ever go there. Places like Dead Island, Devils Throne, Snake Plains, and Disappearing Tarn. The last is just a blue dot next to a track with contour lines parting around it. Nothing too remarkable along the track to Wellington Falls on the southern slopes of Mt Wellington.

The map I looked at then, is that shown below.

On Sunday, Evan walked in there with a friend and convinced me it would be a great idea to walk in there Monday night after work. It’s not a steep track – mostly – but the further you go, the rockier and less defined it gets, but we made it.

Enjoy the moment at the little blue dot on the map. Did you find it?

It takes a lot of rain and snow for this hollow in the rocks to fill with crystal clear aqua water, and it drains pretty quickly, but what a little place of magic! Larger than I had imagined, but just as beautiful.

19 thoughts on “Disappearing Tarn

    1. Thanks, I absolutely loved being there and taking these photos was a privilege. The walk … not so much, I wouldn’t recommend doing it at night, though it was very special!

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    1. Thank you and I’m glad you found it πŸ™‚ I hope finally visiting here motivates me to visit some of the other interestingly named places on the map!


    1. Thanks for visiting and thanks for the comment πŸ˜€ After 40+ years of taking photos, I still learn from every photo I take and edit. I’m my own biggest critic but that’s what I like about photography, it never gets boring.

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