Dilapidated dwellings

Out of the bush for now, and into the ‘burbs.

I spend 5 hours every week-day driving around Hobart’s suburbs for work and many things grab my attention. None more-so than some beautiful old homes in often affluent suburbs.

The real stand-outs are the houses below which extrude immense character from their unkempt patina and bleeding rust. These houses are lived in and I make no judgement on the owners as I do not know their situation. Personally, many of these are my favourite house in the suburb – especially the first one!

And something different … I think they’re called lean-to’s!

Photos taken from public streets, no locations given.

Thanks for viewing, greeting from Tassie 🙂

6 thoughts on “Dilapidated dwellings

  1. I love old houses! The last photo!?! It must be difficult to keep their furniture in place. It would be fun to see the people who live there open the door and walk outside. I wonder if they lean also. 😀

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