After a rather over exuberant “controlled” burn in April, 2021, this forest is beginning to show signs of recovery now it’s spring after some decent, consistent rainfall.
Re-growth is slow but progressing with ferns, fungi and orchids re-establishing in the burnt earth.

You can see from the image above how high the flames were, this was no slow, low-heat burn.

Many tree bases were compromised by fire, some have fallen, many are weakened, but most will survive.

Forest world turned upside-down
Epicormic Buds

Two weeks later, after a good soaking rain …

Click to zoom!

As life returns to this once scorched earth, I hope to re-visit and share it’s re-birth with you. The Australian bush is built to burn and is very resilient.

The next post will show a surprise find in this recovering area, something I was unaware of and have never seen before!

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16 thoughts on “Forest recovery

    1. There was a lot of “fuel” build up on the ground of this north facing slope, but they burnt it way too hot. I plan to get some shots of a non-burnt area to compare.
      In 1967 massive fires ripped through Hobart and surrounds – houses were lost in the valley where I now live. Hopefully small burn-offs like this will make an inevitable BIG bush fire more manageable before it hits the suburbs!

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    1. After looking pretty bleak all winter it’s now greening up pretty quickly with timely rain and sunshine to warm the soil. Hopefully this summer isn’t too harsh so it gets a chance to establish again.

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