The last week, water from the skies.
Snow on the mountain, days of steady light rain,
damp forests, valley’s slowly drain.
Lengthening spring light, life spring to life.
Swollen creeks, music for the ears, a pleasure for the eyes.
Soothing for the soul, but don’t just go with the flow.
Be the water, let yourself go!

On Sunday afternoon with Evan, we revisited “The Confluence”, where two streams collide, an undisclosed location in the valley folds of kunanyi (Mt Wellington) to help keep it safe from heavy foot traffic and damage.

From the left, “Pineapple Falls”, named by photography mate Gary Tew – inaccessible with this volume of water – and to the right, “Gentleman’s Cascades”, named by myself . Somewhat sexist perhaps, maybe I should call it “Gentle Steps Cascades”, though it was named because of the gentlemen that “discovered” it – Gary and I 🙂

Below are a few shots from 2016, taken with the Sony RX100 III of Pineapple Falls … (watermarked edgetas before I rebranded to TasView).

And below is “Gentleman’s Falls” on a much quieter day.

21 thoughts on “Water collides

    1. Thank you. There’s like a flat landing at the top and more steps further up hidden by the bush! Its a lovely area to explore but hard to get to … which isn’t a bad thing. 📷 📸 📷 📸

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      1. As soon as the word gets out, it’s ruined. Someone foolishly put on social media all the info about a quiet little lake way out in the woods out our way, and the next time the Captain went to fish there, it was like a circus. He probably won’t go back now.

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      2. I stopped posting my waterfall images in a local FB group. If I didn’t give out the location I would get hounded! Half the fun is finding these special places for yourself.

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