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A 950 hPa low pressure system passed south of Tasmania this week causing a large cold front to pass over, bringing a decent dump of snow across the state. It settled down to around 600m on kunanyi / Mt Wellington.

My mate and neighbour Ev got all excited, I couldn’t figure out why until it dawned on me … he hails originally from Queensland and wasn’t brought up with snow. He was keen for a night-walk, but it was very windy so I persuaded him a morning walk would be much more sensible.

With weather a little calmer in the morning and the mountain road closed, we parked near the Fern Tree Tavern and headed up the “Fern Glade” Track, toward Radford’s Track and onto the Springs where snow was settled. We walked on further up the Pipeline track – about 3km up steep tracks from our car.

Pipeline Track
Wallaby tracks in the snow
Fern Glade track

I hope you enjoyed a little stroll up the mountain, Hobart’s big, beautiful back yard.

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