A week of fading blues

Every day for a week now I’ve revisited my lucky fungi find to record it’s fate. The following seven photos reveal the story unfold, one daily photo of the same patch of Mycena interrupta.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7

While it’s been really interesting, to be honest it’s also a bit sad to witness. They start out so beautiful and fade away so quickly, providing only small window of opportunity to see them at their best. I was very lucky to stumble upon this patch when I did – but imagine what they would have looked like the previous day!

I expect like most fungi, the spores will spread and eventually regenerate when the conditions are right. You can see a few young one’s starting to come out and there’s another patch of young buds to the right out of frame that I’ve also been watching and shooting.

I’ll keep going back when I get the chance, but probably not daily. I have many other photos of them I took during the week – and a few other fungi finds and a surprise orchid – that I have yet to edit, so will post them as I can.

If you’re new here, say Hi, have a look about my site, follow along, I might even follow you back 🙂 Greetings from Tassie.

10 thoughts on “A week of fading blues

  1. The header photo is perfect! I love it. it reminds me of what someone once said about a vase of flowers, whether in a photo or a painting – it makes the picture more interesting when you have one or two bent or starting to wilt – just to show the progression of the flower’s life span – and not have all the flowers perky and beautiful. In this way, the header photo is special. It says it all.

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    1. Thanks Anneli, I wanted the header image to look different than the previous Mycena posts, great to know I hit the mark with you 😀 I went up again a few days later but it’s been to dry to keep them going … the season’s not over yet though!

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    1. Thanks :D, the shots here don’t line up exactly so it may not work. I did think about setting the GoPro up for a time-lapse and leaving it there as it was off the track where it would be not likely found by someone … but I wasn’t prepared to take the chance. Would have been good to see though.


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