A week in the life of …

A quick post with a few random shots from my phone from this week, I haven’t had a chance to take any “proper” photos.

Salamanca Market, before the rush.
Roast of the day, Ferntree Tavern.
Foxglove, taking over the valley!
Bush “controlled” burn off.
Considerate parking, thanks mate!
Benny Boy’s birthday!
While the birthday boy was busy, possum got busy on his bone!
Fungi found on a ride in the Meehan Ranges.

19 thoughts on “A week in the life of …

    1. My neighbour said she sprayed this area last year, after previously trying to pull them up by hand. They will probably be sprayed again. As pretty as they are, they’re really invasive up here in the local bush and most of us are trying to get rid of them but it seems to be a losing battle.

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    1. Thank you, possums are thought to be vegetarian but I guess it enjoyed a protein hit, was the weirdest thing to watch. I haven’t voted yet so must remember tomorrow. I think I’ll be numbering the independents first.

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    1. I asked Dave the owner if anyone else had ordered the roast that night, because I seem to have gotten four helpings!! It was good though and I cleaned the plate up. No room for dessert :/


    1. Thanks, I’ve been wanting to take some daylight pics of the burnt area but yet to find a window of opportunity. I think the fire got a bit hotter than it was supposed to.


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