Alum Cliffs Amble

(Part1, 8 photos) – I’m recovering from a cold which began developing before Easter. It’s kept me away from photography, screens and editing as it made my eyes ache, (and also off my bike) but enough about that, I’m on the mend now 😀

Hinsby Beach, Taroona

On Easter Monday with the Ambler’s Club, I cleared the lungs with a 10km cliff top walk from Hinsby Beach, Taroona, past the iconic shot tower, onto Kingston for a delicious lunch and a few beers at the Salty Dog, before our return.

Hinsby Beach, Taroona and the Alum Cliffs.

It was a perfect day for walking, not to hot or windy. We set off around 10.30am along the beach. Due to the high contrast, I’ve edited these photos from the RAW file to bring up detail in the shadows.

Alum Cliffs and the Shot Tower at Taroona

These images were taken with the Olympus EM1 Mark II and the versatile 14-150mm F4.0-5.6 II lens. I haven’t been taking any photos apart from this walk, though wet weather has hit us as well as snow on the Mountain this week, so fungi should be showing itself now. I hope to go exploring maybe later this week!

Black Faced Cormorants – or Shags on a rock.
Alum Cliffs from the beach, Kingston is around the distant cliff.

The start of the track off the sand is not signposted and is hard to spot! Luckily someone was walking the other way to ask, otherwise we may have taken some stairs into someone’s back yard.

Leaving Hinsby Beach.
First clifftop view looking toward Kingston.

The track didn’t stick to the cliff edge much at all, with limited opportunity for views. It often headed inland with steep sections around creeks and lots of steps, but the track was in good condition with recent works and it was an interesting walk – more of that will be seen in the next post – Part 2.

Bleeding gums? Sap from a tree shedding it’s bark.

13 thoughts on “Alum Cliffs Amble

    1. Thanks John, only completely down for a day but feels like it will smash me back if I’m not careful. Had a Covid nose clean, at least it’s not that, we haven’t had a case in Tassie for 12 months now 🙂

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      1. Australia seems to have ballsed up our rollout, it’s way behind! We’re giving doses to Papua New Guinea, though in fairness, they do need them more than us at the moment. As long as we keep our borders closed we’ll be right. Good luck!


    1. Thank you! I went for a short and quick hunt today 🙂 Great to smell composting forest litter and sit beside a bubbling stream with the faeries again 😀

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