Tasmanian Tarn trek

(12 photos, Part 3) – We continue our day trek to Lake Seal in the beautiful alpine region of Mt Field National Park in Tasmania …

Varying track conditions

Endemic Pencil Pine

The Pencil Pine is not actually a pine tree. They grow very slowly and can be over 1000 years old – this one is a fine specimen. They are very susceptible to fire and listed as a vulnerable species, lots more info on them HERE.

Looking toward Tarn Shelf at a small tarn on the way
Another picturesque small tarn
Old track markers with red paint carved into trees
Natural vibrant red colour on the bark of some trees
ski field is at top left, a tow runs from the shelf to the ridge
The 10 minute side “track” to Lake Seal, steep and wet.
Worth the effort, Lake Seal.
Lake Seal and view to Mount Bridges
More tree bark weirdness
And we begin the walk back past another old tree marker …

Wow! I did take some photos!! There will be another post of our return trip including a remarkable Dr Zeus style Pandani forest near Lake Dobson.

10 thoughts on “Tasmanian Tarn trek

    1. Thanks, the park is part of the World Heritage area, but every now and then our greedy government tries to change the rules and boundaries of the parks to allow logging or inappropriate tourism ventures. The battle to protect these areas sadly never seems to end :\

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