Caged critter

My fault, I left the roller door open under my house and cute Mr furball brush-tail possum was quick to take advantage and make himself noisily at home.

After failing to encourage it out on it’s own terms, I set a trap! It couldn’t resist the temptation of a juicy carrot dipped in honey, one mischievous possum caught … and released after a prison mug shot.

16 thoughts on “Caged critter

    1. They’re probably similar to raccoons, in that they get into anything if it’s not secured! The can fit through surprisingly small holes too.


    1. When I was a kid, one snacked on my toe when I tried to encourage it out of a hut we stayed in with my sock covered foot. They bite hard and he wouldn’t let go! They also have sharp tree climbing claws so I treat them with caution and respect.

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