Port Arthur is one of Tasmania’s top tourist attractions. It has a brutal history that dates back just over 200 years. This is not Port Arthur.

This cave has a human connection that possibly goes back some 40,000 years, yet it gets no tourists, no government support. A neglected past, a forgotten history, a special place.

Older than cities, cathedrals and pyramids. Decorated by the ignorant and uncaring with spray cans.

8 thoughts on “Rock Shelter

    1. Thanks for your comments. It is a wonder this place that provided shelter to the Oyster Bay tribe of the Moomairremener people still exists. Around 180 years ago, the hill where it sits was heavily quarried for commercial, high quality sandstone which went into the construction of many fine buildings in Hobart and Melbourne. For some reason, they left this cave alone.
      The area is now a reserve, but it backs onto what was one of Hobart’s less affluent “housing department” suburbs, with homes built in the 1960’s only around 100m away. Though it’s location isn’t promoted, it’s been easily accessible over the years by any curious kid with a can.

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  1. Thank You I did not know this existed. It is heart wrenching to see desecration of any natural and historically important structures. It is so interesting thanks again beautiful shots.

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    1. Thank you, nor did I until I went exploring an interesting looking rock outcrop. There’s a few caves and overhangs around Hobart but they are mostly kept on the low-down, and for good reason it would seem :/

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