A bug landed on my glasses while gardening, so I grabbed the 60mm Macro and Pixco extension tubes and shot it!

straight 60mm macro
60mm macro with 10+10+16+16 Pixco extension tubes.

Both images are 15 shots focus stacked in camera – Olympus EM1 MarkII.
The photogenic bug was not harmed 🙂

The Pixco tubes were previously featured in this post.

21 thoughts on “Bug eyed

  1. Imaging stacking in the camera is an interesting function. The last Olympus I had was an E3 or something like that. I can’t remember now. I used to do a lot of image stacking with Helicon Focus, but I haven’t used it in years.

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    1. The in camera stacking in the Oly is pretty good – if there’s no wind or the thing sits still for you. It produces a jpg, but also saves the individual jpg and RAW files. There’s been a few times where I’ve gone and batch edited the RAW files first, and then stacked them in Photoshop before final adjustment. Aside from the extra detail in RAW, the bonus is, you can fling the pics that have nothing in focus or any that aren’t lined up with the others.
      In camera stacking is limited to .. I think 15 images. For greater depth of field, I sometimes take two or three stacks on a tripod at different focus and then combine them – or, I use just the bracketing mode which allows 999 images (from memory), but my aging computer won’t compute 999 images and stack them :/
      Thanks for visiting Timothy 😀

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      1. Is that a 4/3 or full-frame Oly? I loved the 4/3 format, but it didn’t do well in the darkness for me. So much of my critter photography is in low light.


      2. 4/3 EM1 II. I’ve done a little bit of astro with it, there’s a recent post of the Aurora I took. I do find the sensor on the EM1 II is noisier (stuck pixels) on long exposures than both the EM5 II I had and the little Sony RX100 III. I’m not sure if it’s an issue with my camera. I’ve learnt to take the same exposure with the lens cap on, and then use that to remove them in Photoshop – but that’s a little different to low light animal photography.

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