Monochrome meander

The path ahead isn’t always clear, but that’s what makes life interesting.

A network of tracks weave around the hill over my back fence through a diverse patch of native forest. This bush is a place to unwind, relax, walk the dog, explore and get the heart rate up running or mountain biking.

I have walked up here for over 20 years, day and night and still find fresh surprises, new ways to look at things, new things to listen to. Birds, bugs, berries, flowers, fungi, fossils, ferns, history, echidna’s, micro-bats, wallabies, tall trees, little lichen. I’ve seen it under snow, fog, rain, drought and even on fire. It never get’s boring.

These images were taken with the 60mm “macro” lens on an Olympus EM1 II, from in camera jpeg’s using the camera’s monochrome filter with only minor sharpening and level adjustment in Photoshop.

9 thoughts on “Monochrome meander

  1. Always good to hike a familiar path under different circumstances. It can change what we think we know. Always love the fern shadow shots Down Under. I took many on my 2014 travels to NZ and Aus. Hope all is well. Allan

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    1. Life is good, weather’s turned bad tonight though, supposed to snow – first day of summer here and all!! Thanks for visiting 😀


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