Common Bronzewing

While not an outstanding image, this is the first time I’ve managed to photograph this illusive bird (and identify it correctly), which I haven’t seen in our valley for some time. I spotted it on the side of our road, gently pulled up, prepared my phone and wound down the window, hoping it wouldn’t fly away.

Male Common Bronzewing – Phaps chalcoptera

It has a resonant, deep repeated ‘oom’ call which can be heard from birds positioned around the valley and lives in dry forest, woodlands, mallee, heath and coastal scrub across most of Australia, except far north Queensland.

7 thoughts on “Common Bronzewing

    1. Thanks, they look a lot like a dove or pigeon with beautiful colours. I was never quite sure what it was from rare quick glimpses previously.


    1. Sure was, I’ve been hoping to photograph one for a while now but hadn’t seen one for ages! I forgot I had my Sony RX100 in the centre console next to me, I could have got a better shot 🙂

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