kunanyi spring flowers

(11 photos)The Organ Pipe track starts at The Springs on kunanyi – Mt Wellington, some 720m above sea level. It was the site of a grand hotel built in 1907 which burnt down in the 1967 bushfires – and also the site where my wife and I were married 🙂

A year or so ago, the track was “upgraded”, rocks were laid down to help stop erosion from an increasing number of visitors, but rain has since washed out the dirt between the stones, making for a more challenging uneven walk underfoot now, than the mud and tree roots previously.

Organ Pipes Track

This is the track I walked up to find the Tasmanian Waratah featured in my previous post, this post features other plants around 800m on the Mountain, an area classed as sub-alpine woodland and shrubland.

All images are taken with the M. Zuiko 60mm macro on an Olympus EM1 II.
The first four images are in-camera stacked macros.

Pink Mountain Berry, Leptecophylla juniperina parvifolia
Cheese Berry, Cyathodes glauca
Rutaceae Boronia?
Rutaceae Boronia?

The following photos are hand-held, single images.

Daisy Bush (likely Olearia phlogopappa)
Pandani, Richea pandanifolia
Pandani, Richea pandanifolia
Tasmanian Waratah, Telopea truncata
Hakea nodosa

15 thoughts on “kunanyi spring flowers

      1. Thanks for letting me know the link worked for you, a handy thing to learn 🙂 I also learnt that the “hotel” didn’t have a liquor license so was known as “the pub with no beer!” 🍺

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      2. I would surely be able to overlook, “the pub with no beer” because the view and the surroundings are breathtaking! Wishing you and your well. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, strangely the path in colour just didn’t work, but luckily I tried messing with high contrast mono and some dodge/burning to accentuate the stones. Glad you like it 😀


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