Maydena. Store, closed.

(11 Photos) – We called in to this iconic shop just before we headed off home late in the afternoon. It is the last place to get supplies on the road to Lake Pedder. Or rather, it was the last place, we were probably the last customers to order hamburgers on it’s last day of trading.

This institution has been sold and the new owners will not be continuing the store, which leaves the new Maydena Bike Park and The Giant’s Table as the few places to still get a feed.

Below are some photos from a wander around the town of Maydena.

Old Maydena bakery
Old Maydena store
At a guess, this was once a butcher’s shop.
Remnants of an old mill
Church bell
Maydena under the mountain
Back of the neglected football stand.
Maybe the mountain bike park can help get Maydena back on the rails.

7 thoughts on “Maydena. Store, closed.

    1. The town was founded in early 1900 on the back of forestry and mining and the railway used for haulage. It may bode well for the Maydena bike park if they can take up the slack – so to speak.

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  1. There’s now a Swedish, Austrian and Australian cafe at the other end of town. Fika Time Cafe 38 Kallista rd

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