Adventure goes down hill

(8 photos) – My mate Ev, his son Sam and I took a weekend trip to remote Maydena, the last outpost before Lake Pedder. On Saturday we hit the trails at the Maydena Bike Park, a gravity fed mountain bike extravaganza!!

The trail-head is a 820m+ vertical elevation, with tracks winding down the mountain “offering a vast array of epic, long distance descending trails, catering for all abilities”. It delivers in spades!!

We set off from the top – Skyline, a very dark green (beginners?!!) track.
As the track drops and snakes with berms, little did we know what lay ahead.
Some steep, technical rocky sections – pick a line and go!
Me having a blast and getting blasted with mud!
Sam and Evan play catch-up as we wind down the mountain.
Winding our way down the “Green Room”.

We pushed pretty hard, at times perhaps beyond the edge of our abilities, had a few close calls – especially in the slippery mud, but no one came unstuck and no serious injuries.

And the winner is … ALL OF US – grinners!!

While I was faster downhill after a miss spent youth riding dirt bikes with motors, Sam and Ev had me when it came to pedaling up hills, my bike and I have sat idle for way too long – and my body still knows it 😉

Pain reminds you your alive right? It’s when you can’t feel it, you need to worry! Well, let’s just say, I’ve never felt more alive 😀

The images above are a few stills from my GoPro footage of our last run and some phone photos. If I ever get time, I hope to edit and post some video.

The next post will feature more of our adventures in Maydena.

16 thoughts on “Adventure goes down hill

      1. My guess is greed and a few jobs. They even lose money logging old growth and call them selves “Sustainable Timber Tasmania”. On Sunday we went into the forest, featured in my next post.

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      2. Sounds to me like the same old politics. Lies, half-truths and so on but at the core, it’s all about money and that’s disgusting.

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    1. Sound like expensive fun! Another mate loves his eBike, very tempting to tame those big uphills around here! Take it easy, look where you want to go and have fun 😀 It seems to hurt more and for longer as I get older :/

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