Enchanted Forest Walk

(Cradle Mountain part 2 – 14 photos)
The images below were taken before breakfast on a short 40 minute “Enchanted Walk” still outside the Cradle Mountain /Lake St Claire National Park, not far from our accommodation at Peppers Lodge.

Waterfall on Pencil Pine Creek at the start of the “Enchanted Walk”.
Low ground cover ferns, button-grass and eucalyptus forest.
Open ground preferred by wombats for forraging.
Spiders web catching the fine morning mist.
Lichens – everywhere.
Huge Pandani beside the river.
A smaller fall further up Pencil Pine Creek.
Intertwined fallen trees.
Board-walked part of the enchanted path.
Fungi find in a forest faerie hidey hole.
Trees exploding from an island of green moss along the river.
Tree roots routed on tree roots.
Wombat hole – or perhaps a troll!

We then returned for a delicious hearty breakfast at Peppers Lodge.

Lake beside Peppers Chalet on a misty but still day.

We walked over 17 breathtaking kilometres during this day, the main Cradle Mountain wilderness walk with a selection from several hundred photos taken over the weekend are still to come … be sure to check for future posts every two or three days!
I hope your enjoying the Tasmanian wilderness – thanks for visiting.

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