Life flies by

(19 images) – It’s been a busy week! I haven’t taken many photos but I’ve ordered some photography gear and scored a great deal on a Samsung Galaxy S20 – which I will post about and review in future posts.

A friend who follows this blog said I should take more photo’s of birds. In lieu of new images, here’s a small collection of bird shots, some recent, some older and a few favorites but none I’ve published here before 🙂

Forest Raven (The only Tasmanian corvid). Highly intellegent!
Black Currawong (Tasmania only) Probably even smarter, huge vocal range!
A bird in the hand … a juvenile Yellow-throated honeyeater.
Found distressed, he flew off after some water and a rest.
Yellow-throated honeyeater feasting on Kangaroo Paw (Tasmania only).
New Holland Honeyeater – they love my mixed Grevillea hedges!
Brush Wattlebirds also love the Grevilla’s and chase the New-hollands.
A Brush Wattlebird enjoying a bath! Water helps attract birds to your garden.
Green Rosella (Tasmania only) They feast on my tree-ferns but I don’t care.
They’re very wary and always fly off before I can get a shot.
Two Laughing kookaburra’s, the largest kingfisher in my neighbors garden, taken recently with Galaxy S8! They hunt for worms and lizards around home.
White Goshawk. He was quite a way off and only visible through a tiny gap in the foliage. Dusk, slow 1/10 shutter f5.4, ISO400 to let enough light through the 300mm lens, Nikon D3200.
Mum and baby Tawny frogmouths pretending to be wood. Sony RX100 III
camouflaged Frogmouth spotted on a night walk, taken with Galaxy S8.
Not an owl, a wild Tawny Frogmouth beside my driveway. I got about one foot away then whistled for it to turn around and it flew off as I snapped – the HDR version was blurred, so I was pretty surprised with image quality in the normal jpg! Taken with the Samsung Galaxy S3, no flash, illuminated with car headlights.
Frogmouth – taken at a zoo. Nikon D40
Not a great quality photo unfortunately, this seagull picked up a duckling, flew it around and then dropped it from height back in the water!
Getting all your ducks in a row can be tricky.
Crested Tern
Southern Cassowary – taken on a Queensland holdiay.

This last shot is personally still my most favourite image I have ever taken! Not because of the quality, but the challenging circumstances. These things were swimming so fast around the Melbourne Aquarium and the light was low!

The king penguin is the second largest species of penguin, smaller, but somewhat similar in appearance to the emperor penguin.

2012, 6 megapixel Nikon D40, 1/20 sec, f4, ISO200, 55mm. Manually focused, I still can’t believe his head is as sharp at it is with that slow shutter speed.

I love bird photography but don’t do it often as it can be very time consuming and there’s always something waiting to be done around my property!

13 thoughts on “Life flies by

    1. Thanks 🙂 These were taken over a few years hence the poorer image quality with some with cheap cameras. Many of them were taken by chance, I’ve learnt to always keep a camera handy 😀

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    1. Thanks, I have lots of images of this Currawong as he became to trust me and eat out of my hand over a few months, it was hard to pick a favorite.


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