On my recent post where I saw the light, my mate was disappointed I didn’t bother to venture over to Dave’s back yard and hold his big torch, even though it was approaching 3am. I thought I’d post some old shots of the torch up close –  Spectra light show by Japanese sound and light artist Ryoji Ikeda. These were taken and edited in 2013 (Nikon D3200) when it was temporarily located at the Cenotaph for Dark MoFo.

MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) is currently closed due to Covid and while I haven’t been for quite some time, below is a small glimpse from the past of this amazing building.

MONA has had new additions recently and the artworks are regularly changed. One could easily spend a full day getting lost here, it’s simply stunning!

While some “artwork” within MONA is questionable and can be shocking or confronting to some, I felt the idea is to push you out of your comfort zone and test your boundaries to get you to question what life is all about, and your relatively insignificant place in it. A visit certainly leaves an impression and stays with you for a long time. Thanks David.

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