Last Saturday the family took a break from home, jumped in the car and headed to Tasmania’s Central Highlands lake district.

The weather was ordinary so we didn’t stop much, one of the highlights being a 1 km walk through forest to The Steepe Homestead.

The place was home to Jack Thwaites (1902-1986) who was instrumental in establishing the area as a State Reserve. He was also a co-founder and life member of the Hobart Walking Club Inc.

There were three chimneys in the original homestead to ward off the highland chill. One was a baking oven fashioned out of stone.

Next stop was the southern end of Great Lake. This was a natural freshwater lake which has been dammed in 1922 and has a surface area of 176 square km, fed by the Pine and Brenton Rivulets.

We then stopped off for lunch at The Great Lakes Hotel in Miena. If you visit I would advise a prior booking. We were lucky, they seated us in the alfresco area, lit a big fire for us and we has the best view of the lake!

The seafood chowder was hearty, warming and delicious, lamb shanks were the bomb – so good I didn’t pause for a photo, the wife enjoyed a steak and our girls smashed down two huge chicken parma’s.

Full and satisfied, we took the long way home, making our drive a big loop around the middle of our island paradise.

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