15km night-walk to Chalet

Evan and I set off around 7.30pm for our weekly evening walk, with not much of a plan as usual. It was a clear, cold night and the best way to keep warm was to keep moving – onwards and upwards, so we did, on the foothills of kunanyi / Mt Wellington.

Tone at O’Grady’s, taken by Ev on his Samsung note 10+

After a rest and some photos at O’Grady’s Falls, we continued up Bett’s track to the Octopus Tree near Shoebridge Bend, where for the first time, we met two other night walkers and had a chat.

Light painted Octopus Tree.

We then continued up to the North South Track and onto The Springs. Not content, we pushed on along the recently upgraded Organ Pipes track.

We spurned each other “on and on”, past the Sawmill Track turn off and towards The Chalet, both of us now determined not to be the first to turn back.

Moonlight view of Hobart from below the Organ Pipes.

It was around 1am when we arrived at The Chalet. While it was tempting to take walking tracks back home, we headed down the mountain road back to the Springs, then took Radford’s Track and a “short-cut” off track through the bush to Strickland Avenue.

After walking 15km with a 700m gain in altitude, we arrived home after 3am our biggest and perhaps maddest night-walk yet!

Because the images above aren’t my best, I’ll finish this post off with a bonus shot I took earlier in the day. It’s not often the River Derwent is this flat.

Enjoy your day … and night.

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