What better way to celebrate my 100th blog post than with a shameless selfie? This is who I am.

Based on my feelings at times over the last few weeks – lack of sleep, lack of time, too much on my plate, making silly mistakes at work, people pissing me off, a sick dog, frustration at not being able to do things I want to do, a puppet, life out of my control, a planet of people “in control” out of control, a planet out of control – just one insignificant person out of billions, helpless, overwhelmed!

Yet, here I am up late, editing images – lol, my escape, my therapy perhaps. This one took several nights, not satisfied and revisiting it, applying more changes before reaching the final result above.

To create this I messed about blending eleven layers from three images – me and two shots of a cheap plasma lamp – original shot shown below.

I’ve had the idea for a composite image like this for a while now, inspired by an image I saw many years ago of Hugo Weaving in the Matrix, with electricity bursting from his chest – below.

Image may be subject to copyright – source

I guess we all feel overwhelmed at some point in our lives, it’s how we chose to deal with it that matters. I find photography and editing a great creative outlet and rewarding escape, perhaps not financially, but therapeutically and artistically.

I feel better now (and so does my dog) – go take a picture 🙂

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