Mothers Day walk

As the mountain was still closed on Sunday due to Covid-19 restrictions, the family decided to go for a walk along the Pipeline track. However, there were so many cars in the carpark, we kept driving and found a deserted spot which lead onto some firetrails in the upper Waterworks Reserve.

During the course of our short walk we passed two other family groups walking and another on mountain bikes.

I didn’t take my camera – lets just say because it wasn’t Fathers day, so these images were taken on my ageing Galaxy S8 and edited in Handyphoto app. We saw a lovely collection of fungi on the southern side of the hill.

And also this strange orange beetle which I think was dead and I placed on this fungi for a photo.

Our turn around point was here, where there was another collection of vehicles, presumably folk like us enjoying some exercise on a lovely day. With Mt Wellington and National Parks closed, it has resulted in more congestion in places still accessible, though everyone we met was polite and practiced social distancing.

A lovely larger tree on our return home, with a burnt out base like most of them.

kunanyi / Wellington Park re-opened today for walking, though the road to the top is still closed. I’m about to set off with my neighbour for a celebratory night walk somewhere on the foothills. We go every week and never know where we’re going until we get there. After doing it for years, we’ve managed to never go the same way twice! Who knows, maybe I’ll get some photos for my next post 🙂

Get out there and enjoy life … if you can. Stay safe.

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