More ‘shrooms

Things have finally settled down somewhat, so I headed off for some more fungi therapy deep down in the local valley’s rivulet before work – literally in my neighbors backyard. (Weirdly, access to kunanyi / Mt Wellington Park is currently closed due to the virus – Why?).

Although we’ve had some rain lately, it was still quite dry with very little flow in the creek.

I spent about 1.5 hours pottering around and probably covered only 100 metres, examining every log and nook. While moving forward can be a challenge some times, it’s a great place to explore with lots of fossils in big slabs of rock and of course … FUNGI!

This group of little bright white parasol’s caught my eye first. I’ve been experimenting with my camera’s focus stack settings, mainly reducing the step distance as I noticed the odd patch of blurriness in some previous images. This does however reduce the overall depth of field in the final stack though.

A group of larger brown ones covered in cobwebs growing from moss on a log.

This tiny blue one was smaller than a match head! Possibly a young Mycena interrupta – which is the main fungi I was hoping to find, however I did not see any others.

And finally before having to rush of into a day’s work, this beautiful green and gold bursting forth from soil trapped in a tree trunk.

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