Bridgewater Gerry

I just stumbled upon this shot taken early morning, July 7, 2019 from South Hobart, one that slipped by unnoticed. Locally referred to the “Bridgewater Gerry”, fog rolls down the Derwent Valley on cool winter mornings like an air borne river of mist which often lifts just after it passes the city of Hobart.

While most people have been in lock-down or forced isolation recently due the Covid-19 pandemic, complaining of boredom, I find myself quite envious as I’ve never been busier!

Although my own business is out of operation due to Salamanca Market being closed, and another business I am in partnership with several employees has now been forced to close it’s doors, my casual employment at an essential service has escalated beyond anything experienced before. While I’m only there 25 hours per week, I’ve also been dealing with red tape, negotiating government hoops for the other businesses and catching up on my tax entries.

I’ve also been busy with some legacy clients from my web design days who required some updates. To add to the mix, this week my computer decided to endlessly blue-screen requiring a complete rebuild, our composting toilet malfunctioned over Easter and our home oven decided to blow up!

Seriously, what I would give for NOTHING to do! I honestly can’t wait until the day I’m genuinely bored, I might then get a chance to take and edit some photos again 🙂

Anyway, enjoy your down time, face-time, work-free time. Use it as a opportunity to relax, learn something new, or do something you’ve been putting off because you’ve been too busy. Time is one thing money can’t buy. The great equaliser between rich and poor. Make the most of it, because it won’t last forever!

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