The Eagle has landed

OK, so this isn’t an eagle, but I spotted this cheeky Magpie and captured it about to launch skyward while trying to spot the Wedge-Tailed Eagle that has been cruising our valley. I’ve lived here of almost 30 years and it’s only in the last two have I seen magpies here!

We spotted the elusive Eagle about 120m skyward, gliding on thermals overhead before he disappeared. The next day I’m pretty sure I saw the same one a few valleys over at the tip, being harassed by Forest Ravens.

A few days later – on the walk when we saw the snake in previous post, we got lucky!

My neighbour spotted him first, perched on this dead tree not far from the road. The giant raptor was extremely well camouflaged with the eucalyptus trees behind him. I slowly moved closer and around to get the sky behind him. While changing camera settings, I missed the shot when he flew off – dang!!

It didn’t fly far and landed in the same tree as shown in a previous post.

These images were taken about two very busy weeks ago and I haven’t seen the eagle since, it appears he may have flown the coupe!

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