GASP – a stroll along the shoreline

I met my sister for lunch and as all the restaurants and pubs had just been shut due to the “C” word, we had a picnic, chat and stroll along the boardwalk at the Glenorchy Art and Sculpture Park – GASP on Montrose Bay, just south of MONA – which has also shut it’s doors.

A flashback to my previous post but much nicer day, this little boat seems to have been moored here forever.

The tide was quite low on one of the few remaining muddy estuaries where several small creeks run out to the River Derwent from the foothills of kunanyi / Mt Wellington. There were plenty of crabs scurrying about. They would hide in their holes as we approached overhead, but venture out again to feed if you waited and stood still enough.

Note to self: take a photo of the information sign so you can identify the wildlife! This wading bird – a white faced Heron, hunted in the shallows and appeared to kiss it’s own shadow.

The light across this juvenile White Faced Heron’s back caught my eye, as well as the double shadow on the top of the water and the muddy bottom. Crabs blowing bubbles gave their position away.

A Great Egret seemingly enjoying some sunshine whilst politely keeping the humans at a safe distance – as were we!

Unfortunately there aren’t many wetlands like this left around the world, but just hour or two spent looking over this seemingly insignificant muddy creek outfall instead if whizzing past in a tin can, gives you an idea of just how important these places are to a large diversity of wildlife.

Thanks for visiting, stay safe!

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