Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagle

Australia’s largest bird of prey, it is estimated that less than 1000 adult Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagles remain and they are listed as a threatened species. A large adult has been in our valley for a few days. I first saw it within metres from my home and he flew across the valley and landed in tree before I could grab my camera – it is in the middle of the shot below.

The next day my daughter rang me as it had flown across the front of her car on our road .. there was a fresh wallaby it was feeding on, so I set off in hope of seeing it. As I rounded a bend it flew off directly in front of me, below is a composite of 6 shots, I really can’t believe I got it at all!

I have set up my Olympus EM1 II’s custom mode 1 to capture fast action just for situations like this. With one click of the mode dial to C1 from manual, I have: Pro-Capture mode – when I half press the shutter it continuously pre-saves 5 shots before I fully press the button; shutter priority set to 1/1200 second; auto aperture and ISO; centre spot exposure metering and auto focus tracking.

I had a bit of grain to deal with editing the RAW files in post-processing due to high ISO but the exposure and focus were pretty good.

The Eagle then perched in a tree near-by for a very short time before flying off.

All of these shots were hurriedly taken with with the Oly 14-150mm lens. Click on them to zoom in.

More information on the Tasmanian Wedge-Tailed Eagle can be found HERE.

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