Macro-pod idea!

I found shooting macro, I often couldn’t get low enough to the ground for a bug eye view unless I balanced my camera on sticks – the Joby Gorillapod was too high, even just the ball-head by it’s self.

Shooting inverted on my big tripod is a pain to set up and makes using the camera more difficult, especially when a bug moves. So using the head from the Joby, I’ve come up with a simple prototype bracket that stabilises the camera and gets it nice and low.

There’s probably something commercial available but this works a treat! Made form aluminium, it weighs just 13 grams without the ball-head. I found it more stable with a small bend the base-plate.

After watching a video on the Manfrotto pocket support, one popped up also featuring the Spiderlight holster – which gave me another idea … and it works! I can slip this bracket with camera mounted and carry it holstered on a belt or off the side of my camera bag for quick access and to fit extra gear in – it’s surprisingly secure.

While I haven’t tested this in the field yet and it may need some modification, I don’t see why this simple piece of kit won’t work.

UPDATE: After some testing I found the macro-pod a little unstable on uneven ground so have added two fold out legs. It takes up no more room and now weighs 22g.

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