Kangaroo roast for Australia Day …

Sunday roast experiment.
Smoked Roo leg with Apple Mint and Kofter Lime leaves, covered with a lamb flap to keep it moist and add some fat.
Cooking Friday so the smokey goodness has time to settle into the meat.

After two hours on the Webber, double smoked, cooked rare @ 60°c.
I tried a small sample and it’s smokin’! Lets just say the dog won’t be getting any 😀

Some people question whether we should be eating one of out national emblems, especially one so fluffy and cute. If you eat meat, it is a far more environmentally friendly choice than beef, lamb etc.

They belong in our environment, they don’t need large paddocks / land clearing, they have soft feet so don’t compact the soil, they are abundant in most areas, often to the point of over population. They are also low in fat and I expect don’t fart and burp as much as cattle.

Happy Aussie day!! – or not, depending on your disposition to dispossesion and loss of a very old indigenous culture :/

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