Yearly update … and changes afoot!

Woops, missed my yearly update!
Unfortunately I haven’t been flying drones much lately, but I’ve had a life long passion for photography and camera’s. About six months ago I switched to the Olympus micro 3/4 system with the purchase of a E-M5 II. I loved it so much, after the EM5 III was announced I decided to upgrade to the E-M1 II.

Olympus EM2 II and EM1 II

So what has that got to do with this drone site?
I’ve been using edgetas as my main branding for ground based hobby photography but have had a big think about the direction I want to head as I intend to delve into a little commercial work. I’ve decided to re-brand all of my photography to tasview!

Early next year, this site will be getting a make-over, the drone stuff/info will stay, but my intention is to re-edit and add many of my older flickr photos as well as new images showcasing the beauty and uniqueness that is Tasmania! Not only Tasmanian Views, but a Tasmanian viewpoint. I hope to blog more about my adventures, thoughts and gear – and maybe even my other interests/hobbies – on a regular basis. At least that’s the plan.

If you like drone’s and all flying things, photography, camera gear, bush walking, exploring, waterfalls, fungi, metal detecting, archery, Nerf guns, knives, gadgets, electronics, robots, remote controlled stuff, CB radio’s, electronics, cars, ponies, gardening, cooking, eating, gaming, surfing and the like, hopefully you’ll like what’s coming and what ever I get into down the track.
Yes, I have way too many hobbies but I’ve been taking photos since I was eight.

Who knows? Sign up, Stay tuned!
And have a great Christmas and fantastically fun New Year!!!

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