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Due to ongoing health issues, one of the site’s contributors has decided pull out from flying and did not wish to be involved with the site anymore. All of the references to him have been removed, I wish him well.

For a while now, I have been able to operate a sub 2kg UAV in a commercial capacity after notifying CASA. I purchased a second-hand Phantom 3 Standard and have modified it (of course!) but unfortunately haven’t flown for some time due to other commitments. Hoping to get airborne, photographing and updating again soon.


Happy flying,

An email from CASA – New recreational drone rules

20 October 2017

CASA announced today new stronger and clearer rules for flying drones to help drone flyers operate with increased safety [edit: IN AUSTRALIA].

The new rules will better protect people and aircraft from drones and have been developed in response to community concerns about drone safety and the rapid increase in the number of drone operators.

They do not apply to all drone flyers. If you hold a remote pilot licence (RePL) and operate according to a remotely piloted aircraft operator certificate (ReOC) or have an authorisation from CASA, you will be exempt from the new measures. Model aircraft operating under CASA approvals are also exempt.

These new interim measures also make it clear that operating drones near a public safety or emergency operations is not permitted. CASA has also launched a new website called that explains key safety rules for recreational drone flyers, using easy-to-understand language and clear and simple information graphics. complements CASA’s Can I fly there? free mobile app, which helps recreational and sub-2 kg drone operators fly safely by providing practical information about where they can and can’t operate.

For specific details on the new measures and about flying drones commercially, visit

One thought on “Site update and CASA rule change

  1. A lot of this stuff is just common decency stuff and others are just being courteous and flying responsibility.


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