F550 Y6 Tricopter – Sony RX100 III

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After an almost complete rebuild it’s now ready for launch – when some new props arrive.
Some initial testing will be required and I may need to change some configurations.
I changed the legs from the earlier photos saving 65g.

Technical information: DJI F550 flame-wheel frame with Aimdroix extended arms, iFlight G40 gimbal, GentWIRE-MULTI  remote controlled Sony RX100 III camera, NazaM V2 flight controller with iOSD (On Screen display providing in-flight information live from the craft), F12E controller with First Person View. 6600 mAh battery, expected flight time around 12 minutes.
AUW: 2.4kg, Motor centres: 56cm apart. Top props 9443, bottom props 1145 – this may change depending on efficiency.

3 thoughts on “F550 Y6 Tricopter – Sony RX100 III

  1. How does that even fly????
    The bottom props are upside down, they’ll pull it to the ground!


    1. The bottom motors rotate the opposite way to the top and the prop blades are also opposite pitch so the both push air downwards. By doiing this it stops the craft rotating when hovering but it does reduce efficiency.


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