“New” Sony RX100M3, gimbal research

I’ve been looking at getting a better camera on a UAV since, well, since I looked at getting a UAV!
I had plenty of time to research while saving up and bang for buck, the Sony RX100 series constantly came up trumps with almost anything I compared it with. I ended up getting a second hand RX100III. In a compact body under 300g it delivers crisp 20mp RAW stills with good dynamic range and after testing I’d have to say it’s better than my entry level Nikon D3200 DSLR! I have yet to fully test video so will save comment for a more indepth review down the track.
This week I began the serious hunt for a suitable gimbal – again, bang for buck and minimum weight the main criteria.
Walkera make the G3-S gimbal specifically for the RX100, it’s reasonably priced and only 340g. Many reviews point out that it is unreliable and many users swap out the controller for an AlexMos or Storm32.
As my current G3-D won’t save adjusted settings, I have to reconfigure it every time I launch and given my past experience with Walkera, I began hunting elsewhere.After comparing pretty much every available gimbal option including building one from scratch, today I ordered the fairly newly released iFlight G40 with 32 bit BaseCam AlexMos from AliExpress.
There’s not much information out on the G40 at the moment, a few company video’s on youtube where it looks buttery smooth and the odd feedback on store sites which is positive.
I will probably mod this gimbal eventually – it’s arms mainly – to get the current weight of 564g down as much as I can, hopefully writing a positive review of it in a month or three.

For anyone else searching for a gimblal in that awkward mirrorless camera range where there’s really not much around, here’s some notes from my research – if you can make sense of it, perhaps it will help you. Please don’t blindly follow my decision, I’ve been known to pick the wrong product 😉
– Tone.

(Prices below are generally in Australian $, links provided aren’t nessecarily the cheapest available or reliable sellers, your purchase is your decision.)

GIMBAL for RX100:
*****   iFlight G40-BLG (for RX100) w 32bit BaseCam Alexmos –  564g   –   $345AU ($334 sale) 13.11.15 $367AU
Ready to Use (!)With 32-bit Alexmos Simple BGC
Gimbal Basecam firmware 2.50.b
Motors:  iPower GBM4108H-120T   =   98g  = $42.50 ea
 $286US – about 560g
3 Axis Brushless Gimbal w/ Three Motors & 32Bit Control Board for Micro DSLR Camera Sony NEX5/6/7 FPV Photography
Quantum Mid-size brushless gimbal 4mm carbon (only 2 axis)   –   399g   –   $242AU
MOY 3-Axis RTF w 32bit Alexmos  –  560g  –  $390AU
DYS brushless 3 axis kit   With Storm32   –  617g    – $279 (modifyable arms to make lighter)
Recommend Gimbal motor:(not included in this listing)
– Item no.: BGM4108-130
– Weight: 93g ea = $150 for x3
EASY Gimbal 3-Axis Brushless RTF   –   Alexmos , $382US   gimbal 380g motor 93g
X-Cam A22-3H  –  110g?  –  $854
Xcam X140Bs-3H
TRD Beholder NEXt gimbal 3-axis –  AlexMos 32bit   –   564g   – $599AU TRD, $420AU Frame Kit no controller!
Arris Zhao yun Pro 3-axis Alexmos 32bit   –   840g   –   $550US
Arris CM3000
Infinity MR-S    – Alexmos   –   747g?
GHT EX-gimbal
Gimbal EZ Gimbal V2 4oog $200 + Mount 340g GHT Pro 3 axis 5208 $276AU + F550 damper $94 + controller $280

Motors:  3506 (for gopro with case)     4006 pancakes  (for RX100)

motors x3.: BGM4108-130HS   – Weight: 93g ea = $150 for x3
Alexmos BaseCam 32bit controller:
Controller case: $20
Walkera G3S 340g
※Gimbal Controller PID setting instruction [HERE]
※Newest firmware and manual for Alexmos/Basecam gimbal controller [HERE]
User Manual/GUI for Alexmos 32bit: http://www.basecamelectronics.com/downloads/32bit/
Skyzone TX-5D – $101AU  –  29g, 600mw (mini HDMI)
ultra light hdmi – av converter from Hobby-Wing
HDMI flesible ribbon cable? Micro HDMI on Sony –

2 thoughts on ““New” Sony RX100M3, gimbal research

  1. Hi. Very keen on knowing how you went with your experiments for the Sony RX100 m3?
    I am trying to use a RX100 m4 for video, but its hard to get a gimbal for it..


    1. Hi Anmol,
      the iFlight G40 gimbal that I purchased performs extremely well with the RX100M3 straight out of the box – I have had no issues with it, but I have had issues with my craft and time constraints have hampered my flying efforts and blog updating for some time – unfortunately I don’t get paid or sponsored for my efforts.
      While I have reverted back to a hex on an S550 frame and it does fly, I believe the G40 is too heavy for standard 2212/920kv motors. The G40 pushed my total craft weight over the magic 2kg weight limit for non-licensed commercial use in Aust. Flight times dropped from around 14 mins to 7-8 mins, so I would look for a lighter gimbal – or you will need a higher spec (more expensive and heavier) craft.


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