Walkera Scout X4 photos …

The Scout X4 turned up but still waiting the arrival of the Devo F12e which was posted seperately.
Celebrated with an unboxing tonight and partial readiness.

Here’s a few resources I found which may be helpful if you’re considering the Scout X4:

Scout x4
Walkera Scout X4 quadcopter with 3D Camera Gimbal.

Walkera Scout X4 unpackedWalkera Scout X4

Scout x4GPSantenna2Walkera Scout X4 GPS antenna      Walkera Scout X4 antenna, gymbal mountScout X4 Battery compartmentScout X4 Battery connections

Some info on the batteries because the first thing you’ll likely do is charge it!

From the Quick Start Guide – 17.0 connect charger instruction.
Slide the (battery) power switch to ON position when charging, press the power button for 3-5 seconds till the power indicator keeps on.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImMkgReJLTs&feature=player_detailpage (he doesn’t turn it on???)
Lithium batteries are recommended to be discharged partially rather than fully. Frequent fully discharging should be avoided.Instead, charge the battery more often or use a battery of larger capacity. Full capacity cannot be reached until it has been subjected to 10 or more charge cycles. The cyclic process of charge and discharge will optimize the battery capacity.

Also be careful of the connectors as they are pretty fragile.

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