Back in blue

(8 pics) – I took these fungi shots with the OM-1 the day before the Pen-F turned up and distracted me. A little group of developing Mycena interrupta I was keeping an eye on not far from home.

In the following shots I tried to capture the translucent cap and stem – 15 images focus stacked in camera, 60mm macro lens.

The image below is two focus stacked images combined in Photoshop – total of 30 images to get enough depth of field for the cap and stem to be in focus. Under exposed to maintain all of the highlight details, then lightened in photoshop.

This last one is some slime-mould beginning to form fruit.

Thanks for visiting, now get away from your screen and go have some fun!

31 thoughts on “Back in blue

      1. Thanks, naturally back light too. I was lucky where these ones are growing to be able to move around and play with different angles – they are up off the ground a bit too 🙂

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