Bennetts Wallaby

I noticed this big old male lying in the grass next to my fence. I though he was injured. I grabbed my camera and slowly approached. He watched me and stood up, but did not bound off, just casually munched on the grass, eyeing me off. I was only about 12 feet away when I took these shots.

I started off with the EM1 II on Custom Mode 1 – which I’ve programmed for fast moving shots with priority high shutter speed, high ISO, expecting him to bound off. Wen he didn’t, I switched to manual mode … these images are pretty much unedited out of the camera.

I’m still off work this week, hence a lull in my photography and blogging. I had some physio on the knee and it’s feeling much better after plateauing last week.

I’ve given the website quite an update after watching my physio Doctor fumble with navigation – it was interesting to watch how someone first uses your site – a worthwhile exercise! He went straight for the “Photography” page and I realised that there was no obvious prompts from there. Now orange buttons guide you onto the gallery pages – in essence, my portfolio.

I’ve split the street and portrait page up, added wedding, food and landscape pages. Added the navigation buttons and a line on how to use the galleries on all the pages. I also updated the descriptions and photos.
The “photography” page text was edited and header image changed and the “About” page was edited.

If you’d like to have a look, you can jump in anywhere below.
Feedback on your user experience most welcome 🙂

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Thanks for visiting, I hope to be back in almost full action next week 😀

23 thoughts on “Bennetts Wallaby

  1. Wonderful photos. I didn’t know their tails were so big. He looks like he could send you flying if he smacked you with that thing. I’ll check out your About page. Kudos to you for actually paying attention to the way people used your site. So many people don’t seem to care. Even when I’ve complained about how difficult they’ve made their sites. Good job!

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    1. Thanks for the feedback on the site Dan, appreciated 😀 (some how I missed your comment!)
      It’s not the tail you need to watch … The male wallaby (and roo’s) sit back on that big tail, then launch and kick at each other with their powerful back legs and sharp toe nails to see who’s boss! A big roo could easily rip you open if he felt threatened or cornered, but they usually hop away.

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  2. What struck me was that he/she seems to have longer hair on their than I am used to seeing on wallaby or kangaroo. Is that a thing, or have I got a poor memory for what I have seen in the past (in the UK, not in Australasia)

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    1. Hi David, this one is pretty old and may be from higher up the mountain. I’ve noticed the ones on top of the mountain have much longer fur than the ones further down. I expect they shed fur for Summer much like a dog, which could explain the colour difference between the legs and the back on this one, he’s likely part way through moulting.

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  3. Such a super close-up! I happen to know that the wallaby was thinking: “Why didn’t I have my camera with me so I could get a photo of this human?”
    I like the new gallery buttons. Very easy to navigate.

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    1. Thanks John, I thought it was easy too but the nav button at top right isn’t obvious to some, nor the way it expands. Hopeful this will get more newcomers to have a look around the rest of my site 🙂


  4. Like how you know how to fix your site for ease of looking around. I on the other hand just use it basically for a “diary stream of thoughts template” – by the way fridge was semi-fried inside, and I’m now the proud owner of a new one…

    cheers Catherine in NZ

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    1. Dang, sorry your fridge wasn’t as easy/cheap as cleaning the back of it, mine is running nicely cold again.
      My blog is a project of evolution with a slight change to focus on my portfolios more to maybe score some work. I made a few more changes today too 😀
      I hope to get to NZ, I want to see and photograph your huge mountains and fjords!


  5. How strange & neat it seems to me, to step outdoors with a Wallaby in your yard! Glad you’re feeling better. Am uneducated on the camera speak I just read, whatever you did, it made a great photo. Very awesome revamp on the website.

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    1. Thank you, I sometimes get carried away with the technical side, I’m odd – love to research the crap out of things before I buy them and read manuals to get the most out of stuff, then see what else it can do 🙂 Thanks for feedback on the site changes too 😀

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