Great Scott! A new ride.

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Hoping, but expecting the worst, I took my broken Avanti mountain bike into My Ride, Sandy Bay where it was originally purchased new by the previous owner. The young sales assistant listened and did not dismiss me, I left the bike with them to assess. They got back to me a few days later.

One of my last rides on the Avanti Competitor.

Because of the nature of the frames failure, to my delight MyRide very kindly looked after me! Because of the age of the bike, the frame could no longer be replaced and it was beyond the shops scope to repair it. After discussions with the manager, I was given the option of a generous discount on a new bike. The current choice was limited to two due to a current shortage of large size mountain bikes. I also got to keep the old bike – which I will either repair or part out.

Fresh wheels, the unridden 2021 Scott Genius 950.

At first, I went for the cheaper and affordable bike, a Scott Spark 960, but after thinking things through for a few hours, I decided that I would already be pushing this bikes designed limits with it’s 120mm suspension and lighter “trail bike” frame on my local tracks.

150mm Fox Float rear suspension

I rang the shop and switched to the “enduro” 2021 Scott Genius 950, some $1800 dearer and very much stretched my budget. Fitted with higher spec Shimano gear, better 150mm suspension and a slightly heavier but much more durable aluminium frame with more aggressive geometry, it will better withstand the steep, rocky, rooty trails I frequent as well as give me plenty of headroom as my riding continues to progress. Life’s too short, I enjoy riding and it’s good for me.

Scott Genius and Giant Trance (and Benny) ready to hit the mountain.

First impressions: 🤤 (that’s me drooling). I instantly loved the raw looking brushed aluminium finish. I’ve only had two rides on it so far, the Avanti had 27.5” wheels, the Genius has 29”, (though it can run 27.5s) the handle bars aren’t as far forward so it feels like I’m sitting up way higher than previously, but it is a more comfortable position, my neck and shoulders ache noticeably less!

After the first ride – pure Genius!

It weighs slightly less than the Avanti at 14.8kg and with it’s larger wheels, two stage remote suspension lock-out and lower 12 speed super granny gear, it feels like it climbs easier, though the Avanti was no slouch. The larger wheels and longer wheel-base does make it feel like your turning a bus around some of the tighter switchbacks by comparison but I expect that is something I’ll get used to.

At the trail head under kunanyi – Mt Wellington.

When you drop the saddle, flick off the lock-out and point the wheels down hill, this thing is a trail eating beast! The four piston Shimano brakes bite much harder than those on the old bike – something I need to be very wary of. It will take a bit of getting used to the higher riding position and different front/rear weight distribution but it inspires confidence! First ride on a rocky section of track, I missed the line and really messed up, but this thing just rolled through it and quickly gained my trust.

“Stumpside” trail crossing the Hobart Rivulet

It’s not as nimble or responsive as the Avanti, but it is more sure-footed with a slacker head angle and larger diameter tyres not dropping into holes so much and rolling over obstacles better which makes for a smoother ride. While it will take me a while to get used to the different geometry and ride position, I feel I have made the right decision with this rather forced upgrade. I may yet try a “mullet” set up using the smaller rear wheel from the Avanti.

High praise and appreciation to MyRide Sandy Bay for looking after me, they could easily have dismissed me but now they have another satisfied on-going customer. Their service was friendly and helpful and I would highly recommend considering them for your next bike related purchase.

* I have not received nor expect any kick-backs or commission for this post or link, the opinions expressed here are genuine and my own.

13 thoughts on “Great Scott! A new ride.

    1. Thanks Anneli, I did have a bit of a daily posting streak going here while out of action, I think that may change a little 😉 Luckily the weather hasn’t been too good for riding, so I didn’t miss much action 😛

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  1. Great story. A bit worrying about aluminium fracturing, but maybe not surprising. Reading this is like a lesson on what to be aware of when buying a bike. It also gives me an urge to get a bike (haven’t had one for years).

    Cambridge, UK, is the city of bikes, and you can imagine what it is like in a city of 25,000 students – but the countryside is as flat as a pancake being on the edge of the Fens.

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    1. Thank you, it’s a great way to keep fit! I’ve lost over 10kg in a year without really trying. The first few rides are the hardest, then it seems all downhill from there! 😉 It’s definitely not flat around Hobart.

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