Macro Mycena

(7 photos, click to zoom) –
I rose early and took another hike down into the valley to find the blue faerie parasols – Mycena Interupta, past their best, but still some fading beauty.

There hasn’t been any rain for several days and the forest, even down near the rivulet, is drying out.

Good news though as far as fungi goes, more rain is on it’s way over the next week, so maybe the new little ones will have a chance to bounce back.

It was about here, while trying to get the camera lower that I dropped the adaptor on top of the tripod that screws into the camera – between my legs and felt it hit the back of my boot.

I searched for over half an hour in the leaf litter, it couldn’t have gone far, but it simply disappeared! Faeries having fun? I didn’t think it was funny.

With time ticking away before work, (You know, a “real” job that pays a few $ ?) I continued on with the Olympus EM1 II sitting on the log, propped up into position with sticks.

I also added the Pixco 10 and 16mm extension tubes between the camera body and the 60mm macro for some serious close-up close-ups before time ran out. Remember, these things are only a few millimetres across!

I also got a mountain bike ride in with my mate Ev this week too, but I hope to get back down to the fungi after some rain for some more super-macro when they are wet and wonderful!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Make absolute the most of your time, ’cause one day, time will run out 😦

15 thoughts on “Macro Mycena

    1. Thanks, and very apt as I sit in front of a fire, literally burning the midnight oil – it’s 12:08 am here, time for bed 🙂


    1. Nope, and I looked ridiculously thoroughly! I know where it was and thought about taking the metal detector down there next time. Lucky I have a different tripod head I can use for now.

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