Autumn Alpine Berries and Blooms

(9 photos, Part 2) – Just some of the diverse native flora on our walk in the higher region of Mt Field National Park …

It turns out I took a lot of photos! Part 3 of our Mt Field excursion including Seal Lake, will be posted in a day or three. Y’all come back now 😉

15 thoughts on “Autumn Alpine Berries and Blooms

    1. Thank you, a fair bit of the track was pretty steep down into the tarns and the flora constantly changed. The next post will show a Pandani forest, very DrZeus!

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      1. I always find that a bit sad – like when I see the first leaves turning yellow. But I know there are good things about winter too, and I guess we have to look for that.

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      2. I love the winter fungi and waterfalls, but not so much the short days and cold. Because we’re further south we enjoy lovely loooong summer days with extended dusks. The huge variation in seasons here does make life more interesting – and sometimes challenging.

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    1. I’ve always loved it here in Tassie, but it seems as I grow older I notice and appreciate its diverse uniqueness even more, almost daily. One has to look hard to truely see.


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