Blog update …

Rather than type everything in a mixed up blog roll where it will become increasingly hard to find important points, I’ve created some new pages which will be updated regularly.

Walkera Scout X4

DJI Phantom Vision 2+

Phantom Vs Scout

Further pages will be added over time and this blog roll will likely be used to document flight missions.
As this site is fairly new, we’ll play around with themes until we find a suitable one.
The pages and side menu can currently be accessed by clicking the Lines icon near the top right in the pages heading.

Walkera Scout X4 photos …

The Scout X4 turned up but still waiting the arrival of the Devo F12e which was posted seperately.
Celebrated with an unboxing tonight and partial readiness.

Here’s a few resources I found which may be helpful if you’re considering the Scout X4:

Scout x4
Walkera Scout X4 quadcopter with 3D Camera Gimbal.

Walkera Scout X4 unpackedWalkera Scout X4

Scout x4GPSantenna2Walkera Scout X4 GPS antenna      Walkera Scout X4 antenna, gymbal mountScout X4 Battery compartmentScout X4 Battery connections

Some info on the batteries because the first thing you’ll likely do is charge it!

From the Quick Start Guide – 17.0 connect charger instruction.
Slide the (battery) power switch to ON position when charging, press the power button for 3-5 seconds till the power indicator keeps on. (he doesn’t turn it on???)
Lithium batteries are recommended to be discharged partially rather than fully. Frequent fully discharging should be avoided.Instead, charge the battery more often or use a battery of larger capacity. Full capacity cannot be reached until it has been subjected to 10 or more charge cycles. The cyclic process of charge and discharge will optimize the battery capacity.

Also be careful of the connectors as they are pretty fragile.

Eye in the sky …

We’ve been researching, and evaluating  “drones” or UAV’s  for quite some time which can offer a suitable platform for scenic aerial photography and a possible step to getting a Remote Pilot Certificate for commercial work.

We dismissed helicopters as a serious platform years ago as they’re expensive and fragile. It wasn’t until the development of quad-copters that we started to seriously consider our options.

The DJI Phantom V2+ was the first UAV that came close to suiting our needs and budget.  The Walkera Tali H500 was released in mid 2014 and we’ve been watching it’s development with much interest. Now the Walkera Scout X4 has just become available on the market (October 2014).

Tone had no intention to purchase a big drone until early 2015 when there would be more user reviews and settling in on the very new Scout, … but despite my better judgement, his finger slipped on the BUY NOW button and it’s on it’s way … woops

He was impressed by the previews posted by Matt & Bo – and is hoping it can only get better!

The fact it’s smaller (for carrying while bushwalking) and seems to have better build quality than the Tali while having more features than the Phantom (Michael just bought one – so we can make a fair comparison) as well as it’s suggested upgradability was Tone’s main reason for the purchase.

Here’s some footage from a much cheaper little “practice” drone – the Hubsan X4 H107D with FPV we each bought recently (a great way to learn). Tone’s getting in lots of practice – crashing!

Tone – It’s been a wee bit windy but no damage done. I’m learning lots about it’s behaviour under different conditions and what NOT to do which will make me a better pilot and more restrained when things get serious – and expensive.

After a much bigger learning curve, the Scout should be easier to fly with GPS stabilisation – I expect I’ll be reading the manual for WEEKS!!  I intend to be much more sensible – with much more to lose – I’ll let you know how I get on here

I’ll try to be honest and not justify my purchase by just heaping undue praise on it – unless it’s deserved – or bag it out when things are my fault. It’s sometimes difficult to sort through the bullshyte, wingers and trolls while researching

As well as using YouTube for much of our research, Tone has found very helpful and signed up on a few Facebook groups too for actual user reviews.

The Scout or the Phantom might not suit you, so don’t take our word for it, do your own research and judge for yourself, it’s half the fun – but he can’t deny we’re excited. 😀